EasyGoat  -V2

EG-V2 larger battery in carbon housing with no cables.

Direct drive motor, new larger wings,

No water cooling, new mast with no cables.

Safe and easy to ride

Non-polluting, silent, addictive

Made in Czech Republic.

Unique board on market

The lightest e-foil. Board weight 14 kg + 6kg battery.

The most efficient. 80kg rider needs around 700 watts to go.

Boat licence and registration free in most countries,

thanks to custom direct drive brushless 5hp motor

Packed size 85 x 45 x 35 cm

Assemble time 5 minutes

80 minutes of fun

80 minutes Li-ion battery duration

2 responsive throttle modes

GPS speed on display realtime

Spare battery packs available

Strong and durable

Carbon waterproof inner board

Carbon front Stable wing 1750 , U shape

80 cm aircraft aluminium mast

Max speed 30 km/h

Foiling from 15km/h