EasyGoat  -V2 coming soon

New model EasyGoat V2 comming in mid April. many new features: larger battery in carbon housing with no cables, direct drive motor, new larger wings, no water coling, new mast with no cables....photo soon

Safe and easy to ride

Non-polluting, silent, addictive

Made in Czech Republic.

Unique board on market

The lightest e-foil. Board weight 12 kg + 4kg battery.

The most efficient. Large propeller and  motor housing only 45mm.

Boat licence and registration free in most countries,

thanks to custom geared brushless 5hp motor

Packed size 85 x 45 x 35 cm

Assemble time 5 minutes

50 minutes of fun

50 minutes Li-ion battery duration

3 responsive throttle modes

GPS speed on display realtime

Spare battery packs available

Strong and durable

Carbon waterproof inner board

Carbon front wing 78cm, U shape

80 cm aircraft aluminium mast

Max speed 35 km/h

Foiling from 16km/h